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Legal Info


  1. BlackGamblingJack.com deals with the systems as well as back door operations of the business.
  2. The client is given security from the various aspects that are included in its system namely:
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Legalities
  3. BlackGamblingJack.com is a licensed company that provides gaming by the State of Malta which is a member state of Europe. BlackGamblingJack.com has a regular license that is issued to follow specific rules regarding gambling online within Malta. This is under LN 176 of 2004 Lotteries and Other Games Act which was enacted in 2001 under the Act # XXIV. The casino is subject to regular policies as well as methods that were issues by the governing body for gaming and lottery. The LGA is an administrative and regulatory branch that supervises any forms of gaming in the country or Malta. Malta serves the first member of the EU that has an online gaming regulatory board. This board ensures that the players and operators are guided by the legal structures that cannot be handled by mere offshore solutions.
  4. Strict confidentiality of the client's personal information is held by BlackGamblingJack.com. Any form of breach in this policy can take place only if the casino is compelled under legal actions by the authorities in the event that the client has done a violation on any of the rules of BlackGamblingJack.com.
  5. The client is given an account number. The client has the power to choose his own password and user name. The client has the sole responsibility to his account and should not in any way share information to other clients or other people. If the client has a reason to assume that others have access to the information, he should contact the customer service of BlackGamblingJack.com so that a new password can be issued.
  6. The phone conversations of a client with a call center agent from BlackGamblingJack.com will be recorded.
  7. Online communications will also be recorded


  1. The clients of BlackGamblingJack.com are given a wide array of payment as well as transfer features.
  2. Deposits done using a credit card may be subject to partial or full decline as subject to various security systems that are managed in collaboration with providers of payment solutions or banks. These security measures can lead to decline of the card or difficulty or suspension of processing at a certain time. These systems are out of the control of BlackGamblingJack.com and they cannot make any assumptions regarding the deposits using credit cards being declined.