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The popularity of Blackjack

Black jack is one of the most popular card games available and many know how the game goes. It is sometimes also called 21 when the game is about getting 21 faster than the opponents. However, you must not exceed the sum 21 as this means that you become "thick", which results in you losing. Today you can play Blackjack everywhere. On the one hand, you can always expect that there is a Blackjack table at regular land-based casinos, but even the online casinos always have Blackjack if they offer table games, which most online casinos do. Black jack is a popular game at live casinos and there you can play in real time against a live dealer, as it becomes extra exciting. Today you can play live casino at most casinos, so there are many opportunities to play Black jack live, the best casinos are listed here allslotsca.net

Black jack story

The history of Black Jack stretches back many centuries, and it is clear that this is a game that many want to take credit for. Both the Italians, the French and the Spaniards claim that Blackjack originated from games that originated in their countries. In Italy, it is claimed that Black jack originated from the game Baccarat / Punto Banco while in France it is claimed that it originated from the game Quinze. In Spain, it is claimed instead that it comes from the game Thirty-one. Another French game that many claim is the basis of Blackjack. Is the French game Ving-et-un that originated in 18th century France and which moved on to America during the 19th century. All of these games are about coming up in a certain amount of points. So it is not strange that it is debated whether the game comes from one country or the other.

How to play?

When you play Blackjack you only need to keep track of your own cards and the dealer. Because it's all about creating the best possible hand. In other words, you play independently of the other players with a focus on getting as close to 21 as possible.The value of cards in Blackjack is important to keep in mind as that is what the game is all about. All cards covered have a value of 10, the aces are worth 1 or 11 and the rest of the cards have the value on the card. The game goes as if first and foremost you place your bet and then the dealer hands out two cards to each player. The deal also gets two cards yourself and these cards are visible all the time. Then you decide if you want one more card, or if you want to stay with the two cards you have been awarded. When playing Blackjack you can choose between stop / stand, split / split, take a card to / hit, double / double or insure / insurance. Depending on what you get by hand at first. And depending on how high you want to play, one alternative fits better than the other.

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