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Splitting Pairs Strategy

One of the hardest aspects of Blackjack strategy is 'splitting'. Many virtual players of blackjack have mastered all the other elements of blackjack fundamental strategies. However, they still face problem with the splitting strategies. It is very important to learn the appropriate strategy if you wish to win in this game.

The rules of Splitting

Prior to getting in the strategy, you should review all the basic rules pertaining to splitting. In case, the value of the initial two cards is same like two 8s, then you should split them. Your original bet's amount is then placed on both of the hands. In case, you are playing online blackjack, the computer places the proper bet on both the hands automatically.

After splitting your two cards, both of them will get an extra card. Therefore, now you possess two blackjack hands with two cards. Now you can play both of them independently. You can hit on one hand and stand on the other.

Variations on the Splitting

There are different online blackjack games with a different set of rules. Some of the blackjack variations allow re-splitting whereas some do not. Alternatively, presume that you get a hand of a jack plus a 10. As per the rules the value of both the cards are 10 points. Some of the games might allow you to split unlike cards with same value but some games may require you to split only the identical cards.

Another instance is that you get a duo of 4s plus one of these cards gets a seven to sum up to 11. Some online games allow you to double down at such situation and some games do not. Whether you want to split or else not, can be an issue in your decision. Therefore, you should ensure that you know the rules of the specific blackjack game that you play.

One of the main elements that guides every blackjack strategy that include the strategy of splitting is knowing that there are additional 10 value cards as compared to other cards in the deck. There are four 2s, 3s and 4s etc. in a deck. However, it comprises of sixteen 10s because Jacks, Queens, Kings, and 10s all are valued at 10. When you plot your strategy, you should presume that the subsequent card would be a 10. It is not always necessary that this comes true. If you knew the cards, which will come next, it will make blackjack a very boring game. However, this frequently comes true, so this can be employed as a basic rule of thumb if you wish to win in Blackjack.