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Soft Hands Strategy

The number of players playing Blackjack and the amount of hard-earned money that they throw up in the casinos is very appalling. The hands those are generally misplayed in Blackjack are the hands that comprises of an Ace, 5 or 2.

If the dealer deals an Ace, then remember that this card in blackjack can add up to either one or eleven according to your discretion. This kind of hand either confuses or intimidates many players and they stand by mistake.

The hands in blackjack that consists of ace that adds up as 11 are called soft hands. If you are playing a multiple deck blackjack game then you should know the way to play the hands

The proper ways to play the hands are:

The foremost step is to count an ace as 11, until the sum total of your hand goes over 21. At this point, you can reckon the ace like one. To put it other wise, if the player get an ace, 4 then he actually possess a soft 15 and not 5. In case, a player draws a seven, then the new total together with an ace counting as 11 will be 22. Since the total crosses the limit of 21, you should now take the ace as 1.

The second point to remember is that you must not stand if you possess a soft hand with 17 or lower. In case, you get a soft thirteen through seventeen, then you cannot bust by taking out a card as the ace can be counted as 1.

Thirdly, you should not stand if you are on a soft 18, especially is the dealer's up card is nine, ten or an ace. At time players believe that 18 is a good hand to stand with, but while a dealer's up card is nine, ten, or an ace, you have a slight advantage of hitting the soft 18, which can improve your total.

To end with, if you possess soft nineteen, twenty or twenty-one, then you should stand without regarding the face card of the dealer. It is important to know the situations when doubling down on soft hand is appropriate. You should remember to double down once you have soft 13 to 18 and while the dealer reveals an up card of 5 or 6.

The way to deal a soft hand with three cards

If you get an ace, 3 moreover if the dealer reveals a 7 then you should not double down. The remaining option is to hit. If you get an added ace and two then too you should hit. If you learn the ways to play soft hands then it is very beneficial.