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Single Deck Blackjack

The single deck Blackjack at VIP casino is programmed and played according to the rules of Atlantic City. The Authority is the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

Exception: after each hand the cards are mixed up and the pairs may or may not re-split. The players might not draw extra cards if the Aces are split.

The Premise of the game

In this kind of Blackjack, the dealer and you are dealt with two cards to begin. The main goal of this game is to get cards that sum up to 21 as compared to the dealer's cards. You should not cross the limit 21.

The way to play the game

This game is played with a single deck with 52 cards. After the end of each game the cards that are again shuffled back in the deck. The value of face cards are ten and the value of the cards starting from two to ten are indicated. You can value the aces as eleven or one. There is no need to mention the value of an Ace. It is generally assumed that the value is the one that make the best hand.


The chips you have are stacked according to their denomination, which is given at the base of the screen. You have to choose the amount of the bet with the help of your mouse. You just need to click on a chip of that value. You can also decrease or increase the amount of your bet by adding up subtracting your bet. Every time you will click a chip will be added to your bet amount. The right button of the mouse can be used to decrease the bet amount.

You can also duplicate your previous bet by hitting the "0" on the numeric keyboard. After placing the bet you will get two face-up cards. The dealer get one face-up card and another face-down card. After this you can do this just by clicking on your mouse.


This makes a request for an extra card. You can hit countless times as you wish. However, if your sum total cross 21, you will lose or Bust.


This requests that there is no need to extra cards. Then the hand will be evaluated against the hand of the dealer.


You play both the hands separately. The actual bet will be replicated for the second hand. A pointing figure appears over both the hands that indicate the active hand.

Double down:

On selecting this option you will receive just one extra card, your turn comes to an end. You bet will then be doubled.