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Privacy and Legal

We want to inform our customers that the safety of their personal information is a matter of grave concern for us. Therefore, we have taken necessary measures and have made procedures to keep your data safe and secure. We identify your IP address because it helps us in determining whether there is any error in the server or not.

Our visitors will notice that during your registration procedure they will be asked for their personal information. That personal information will include data related to you personally. For instance, we might ask your email address.

We can also ask for your name. In addition to that, we can also ask such information which will be unique to you like information related to social security or account number.

What we do with your information

We want to make this clear that we only use this information which visitors or users submit in the registration form for our users' betterment. We send them regular updates related to casinos which are accessible online.

As mentioned above, we also collect financial information which is used and analyzed by us and through this you become real players. As you know, for casinos, it is very important to have your account number. So, we keep record of your account number and your identity so that your account remains linked to your name.


Our customers need not to worry about their personal credentials as we do not transmit our users' information to any other organization. Rest assured your information is in safe hands and we do not give this anyone.

We are very cautious with our users' personal information. This is why we have advanced and modern encryption technologies which helps us in protecting your data against any loss.

In this way, this privacy section completely demonstrates that your information is handled with the state-of-the-art measures.