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Some of the main rules regarding Standing and Hitting


A player can choose to 'stand' with his present total and will not take any extra cards. In case, you are playing Blackjack and the cards are given face down then you can slip your cards beneath your chips. This message will be understood by the dealer. In case, you are playing the face-up game of blackjack, then you should beckon your hand from side to side in a wiping movement just on top of your cards.

This is the indication for standing. Almost every casino persists on some kind of hand signal, as oral statements are not allowed. Moreover, there are cameras fixed in the ceilings of the casinos, which can be utilized to resolve arguments only if the players use hand signals as the cameras lack the audio component.


In this, a player chooses to draw an extra card or more than one card. If the game is face down then you just draw the cards towards you with a swift scratching movement against the felt either once or twice. If the blackjack game is face-up, then just make the same movement with the fingertips or it will better to use your index finger to point at your cards.

Advantages and meaning of Splitting and doubling down

The rule of Splitting

If the value of first two cards is same, then you might split them and then play each card as a different hand. If you want to split the cards then you have to place an extra bet equal to the original bet beside it. If the blackjack game is face-down then you ought to reveal your cards. After you split a pair, many other options become accessible.

Another option is that players double down on their split hands if a suitable card is drawn. For instance If you possess split 8's and then you grab 3 on the initial 8, then you may double down this sum total of 11. The player gets advantage on doubling down, doubling, and re-splitting.

The rule of Doubling down

In this, a player doubles the amount of the initial bet and chooses to draw a single extra card. A distinctive doubling situation is when you possess a hand that can be very good with a single extra card. If the game is face-down, then you reveal the cards. Online almost every casino allows doubling on 10 and 11, mostly on 9, 10 and 11, and many casinos allows it on whichever two cards you want. This rule is very beneficial for the players of Blackjack and they should take the advantage of this rule.