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Hard Hands Strategy

There are many resources where you will find the fundamental strategies about Blackjack. This implies that someone has compiled a set of recommendations for increasing your chances of succeeding in Blackjack, considering the relationship amid the probable dealer up cards and potential player hands. Most of the strategies are very simple to memorize and can be used at the table.

What is a hard hand?

If a player has a hand where it is complex and difficult to apply the strategies, then such a hand can be called a hard hand. This hand can be any of the hands that do not comprise an Ace or if the ace cannot be counted as eleven. There is a difference between hard and soft hands as soft hands comprises of an ace whereas, the hard ones are more likely to bust if you hit.

Strategy of Hard Hand

The key to this strategy is to anticipate that the down card of the dealer is a Ten. This is because there are additional cards, which can count as Tens as compared to further amount in a fifty-two card deck. If you multiply the sixteen 10- count cards by the amount of decks in the game, then you will get a better idea of the number of 10s that can be used. Another good idea is to presume that all your hits will give a 10 to you and so plan out the affect on your hand accordingly. You will benefit by following both the recommendations as they will help you to determine the appropriate strategy for you without regarding the hand that you have been dealt.

10's are also very important when you hope to get a blackjack, as 10 and Ace can give you the winning total of Twenty-One. This is also called natural blackjack. This kind of blackjack pays out well again as compared to other hands. This helps in making a bit of difference to a player's edge.

The main trouble lies with the Fives. These cards can make a stiff hand within a short time, and it is easy to bust on such a hand. Now considering if all the 5s were taken away from the deck, then the advantage shifts to the player from the house. Therefore, just four cards taken out of fifty-two can change the whole possibility of the game.

To end with, the strategy of blackjack card counting will not be possible without 10s or 5s in a deck. These two are thus very important for the entire possibility of a win in blackjack. After knowing this, you can learn about the other general strategies.