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Group Counting

Almost all the casinos comprises of complicated methods of maintaining tabs on the card counters. Theca casinos also employ agencies which seek out and also keep the tabs on the alleged card counters. Although card-counting is lawful, yet the casinos are permitted to kick out anyone as the casinos are owned privately. The amateur gamblers, who visit Vegas for spending a weekend, are loved by the casinos as they drop 500 dollars for playing blackjack. Professional card counters are not liked by them, so they ensure that the employees can identify the card counters and then escort them outside the casino.

The question is what happen when Excellent MIT students form a team as a card counting team.

In the book "Bringing Down the House" author Ben Mezrich studies such a question. The story is about six MIT students. They took Las Vegas for millions of dollars. In 1990s these students earned millions by playing blackjack in casinos at Vegas on their weekends. AS they did not wish to attarcat attention, so they carries the money.

The way they did it

They did all this by forming a tem and by mathematical prowess. It is easy to spot an individual card counter, but these students comprised of four people, who spread out.

Firstly they employed a back-spotter. He used to stand and then count cards but he do not play. Then the spotter would make little bets and communicate the message to a person called Gorilla. This person moves from one table to the other and place huge bets when indicated by the back-spotter and the spotter. Then the final stage was where the Big Player would play huge hands and then count the cards.

This team was thus difficult to spot. The dealer probably would not be able to find out what was going on.

The complete system was dependent on arbitrage. If speaking statistically, a player will win a huge sum if there is some mathematical benefit in a deck and if sufficient hands are played. It is sure, that they also lost at times but this was balanced with the winnings.

The conclusion of the story

If a member from their own group did not have revealed their names to a Las Vegas agency, they might have gone undetected for very long. Following that, whenever they entered any casino they were thrown out. Though card counting is lawful, casinos discourage card counting extensively. This is an interesting tale as there was no major impact on the students. They were not put in jail. They made millions and then just decided to stop.