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How to Win Blackjack: The History of Success

How to win blackjack? This question was urgent among the gamblers from all over the world during the entire blackjack history. A lot of strategies were invented and many methods practiced, and nowadays they are often used and developed.

Famous Names

Dr. Edward Thorp is considered to be the father of the card counting in the blackjack game. Although some strategies existed before him publishing the book "Beat the Dealer", but his work was rather in-depth study. His book was so popular, that it entered even to the list of the New York Times magazine of the best sell books.

The math professor described the basic playing and betting gamblers' strategies for the most successful game. Thorp's strategy was the base for the Hi/Lo counting system. The system helps players to count the most convenient score and win the maximum winnings.

For the proof of the theory the scientist used the computers and statistically proved his findings. From that time the era of successful blackjack gamblers started. They could get the advantage over the casino and win a lot of money.

Among the most famous blackjack counters is Ken Uston. For sure he knew and knows how to win blackjack and get profit from the game. His most famous game contribution is the invention of Team Play. The main essence of the method is that gamblers play at the different tables and are waiting for the positive score, and then they converge there. This technique helped Uston to win more than 3 million dollars and become the most successful blackjack player.

The brightest representative of the group counting system was world known MIT Blackjack Team. They organized their playing group, trained their skills and mastery and started playing in Las Vegas. During their activity they won a lot of money and later founded their card counting school, where they teach their strategy.

Thomas Hyland is one more outstanding figure in the blackjack card counting history, who assembled his own playing team and played at the Bahamas and Las Vegas.

Harvey Dubner is the forgotten person in the blackjack counting cards history, although he was the person, who invented Point Count System, wrote more than 100 blackjack books. His system was later described and analyzed in the Thorp's book, but it looked like it was professor's idea.