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Card Values

The value of Ace is either eleven or one; however, most of the blackjack games permit a player to split Aces. There is one condition that you will be dealt a single card in order to split Aces.

Some of the Tricky cards

  • Deuce, which is another name for a Two, is worth the face value of the card. Two is a very fiddly card to deal, however, it offer a number of chances while you are playing black jack.
  • If you get a Three then its worth is three, which is its face value. If you want to play this one in the best way then you should go through every strategy card.
  • Until now, you might have guessed the worth of a Four and if you are dealt, a duo of fours while playing Blackjack, then the lone way to play these is to Hit these cards.
  • No matter how a player look at it, but a Five is worth a Five. This is among the nastiest of the cards which cab be dealt in this game except that you get a duo of them that make your hand stronger.
  • The worth of a Six is Six. This card does not have several 'get out' cards, which can help you. Therefore, you can just hope that you get a five as well; otherwise, you might have to face some problem.
  • The worth of Seven is Seven. This card is a better mid ranged card and this card is dealt in almost every edition of Blackjack. If you should learn the way to deal with this card then you will be OK.

The worst and the best cards

  • Eight is not among the worst cards. However, the worth of this card being Eight, it can be very tricky if you are dealt with a duo of them. Then the question will be whether you should Hit or Split. This is the main question pertaining to this game.
  • The worth of Nine card is nine and this card can be very strong, but you should always follow the accurate policy for playing this card because if you will take any wrong decision then it will cost a lot. Taking the right decision at the right moment is the key to success.
  • Ten is the worth of a Ten, Queen, and a King. These cards are the best among them all while playing Blackjack. You should never split these cards because a good strategy says that players should not split them, so you should follow this strategy.