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Featured website: The MIT team presents the Blackjack seminars. This site is great with loads of learning materials meant for the advantage player and the potential card counter.

Online Blackjack: This is a community site that offers numerous bloggers who write on many different topics that includes blackjack, slots, and many other games.

Free blackjack: You get loads of free blackjack games for playing and there is no need to download these games.

Blackjack Directory

Yahoo! Directory Blackjack: These people charge an owner of a website, for reviewing their website. Hiweverm, the editors work well.

Google Directory blackjack: These people draw the directory of websites from DMOZ. Therefore, they lag behind a bit.

Websites for playing

Blackjack Hero: This is a wonderful website on Blackjack. It has a cool section with all the information pertaining to blackjack players. There is a segment on Mac blackjack. This segment is for them, who wish to play blackjack on their Macintosh computers.

A new website is the Online Blackjack Odds. The site is nice and simple with hordes of useful information meant for the amateur players of blackjack.

Online Blackjack: This also offers free blackjack games. You can learn to play this game and can also print out the basic strategy chart. This can be good for a quick reference while you are playing Blackjack.

Blackjack Insider: This site is among the finest blackjack sites. This is worth the membership charges.

BeeJack.com: These people offer you realtime strategy software, which will teach you the best play in different situations that you put in. You should check out this site.

Play Blackjack: The Strategic blackjack is like a blackjack portal. There are loads of information; however, there are online advertisements as well.

Ultimate Guide to Blackjack: These people asked me to apply this term to mention their site. This site does comprise of a lot of good information. Still I don't know whether it is appropriate to call it "Ultimate". This site is very light on advertising. This is a big advantage of this website.

Blackjack-StartegyCard: Hordes of information is accessible here on this website regarding online casino bonuses. This makes it very interesting.

Blackjack Deluxe meant for Palm OS: If you have a Palm and love to play blackjack, then you can play realistic blackjack on your Palm with this game.

Blackjack Gold for Windows and Macintosh: This is a Shareware blackjack game.