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Blackjack Strategy Guide

Blackjack is considered to be the most favorite and popular game among gamblers from all over the world. The game is convenient, because it has its playing strategy and possibility to beat the dealer, not only with the help of good luck, but also relying on mathematics and statistics. That's why the blackjack card counting history reaches its roots many years ago.

Our blackjack strategy guide presupposes that you are already familiar with the main rules of the game and are ready to enlarge your knowledge.

Players' Playing Options

  • To Hit - this option is available as many times as the player wishes, unless he/she exceeded 21.if he player busts, it is required to wait for the next playing hand.
  • Stand - the option inform the banker, that you are satisfied with your cards.
  • Splitting - it means that you can separate two cards of equal value.
  • Doubling - the process of doubling the player's initial wager.
  • Surrender is offered if the dealer shows an Ace, at this moment you stop playing the hand and are returned the half of your initial wager.

Blackjack Strategy Charts

The top line - it shows the list of numbers (cards from 6 to Ace). It represents the croupier's up card. It is the most important card in the usage of the blackjack strategy, as all players' decisions should be based on it. You may be surprised at seeing the sequence of dealer's cards. They are placed from the weakest to the left to the strongest to the right.

The left last column - it represents:

  • The gambler's hand count (for hard hands);
  • Specific hands (for paired hands and soft ones).

All the player's options are marked with different colors on the strategy chart.

The List of the Most Popular Blackjack Strategies

  1. Hard hand count.
  2. Soft hand count.
  3. Paired hand count.

These strategies help players to make proper decisions in particular situations.