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Back Counting

The term Back-Counting is also given the name of "Wonging". This comprises of standing at the back if the blackjack table, on which all the other people are playing and then counting these cards while they are dealt. The person who came up with the design of back-counting is Stanford Wong. The name of this concept is taken from his name only.

The main rule

According to this concept the player will 'Wong in' or enter the game while the count goes up to a position at which a player get an advantage. This player will then raise her or his bet according to the rise in their advantage. Otherwise, the player will lower his bet if the advantage that he or she got goes down. Some of the back-counters favor the flat-bet.

These players place a bet with the similar amount after they have entered in the game of blackjack. Some of the players will stay back at the table till the time the game is again shuffled or they might "Wong Out". In other words, these players will leave when their count goes up to a certain level, where they will no longer possess any advantage. Therefore, it is not always necessary that this idea will give an added advantage.

The use

The shoes games is actually the game, in which back-counting is done, especially of four, six, or eight decks. Although, this can be accomplished on the pitch games that comprises of one or two deck of cards. The main reason behind this is that in the shoe game, the count is steadier comparatively. Therefore, it is less likely that a player will sit down for either one or more than one hand and after that he or she have got to get up from the table.

Moreover, there are many casinos that do not permit 'mid-shoe entry' either in double or single deck games that make the concept of 'Wong in' almost impossible. One more cause for this problem is that many other casinos displays additional effort to put a stop to card counters, when it comes to the pitch games as compared to the shoe games. There is a very little advantage as a counter on a standard shoe game as compared to a pitch game.

The concept of 'Wong in' is thus applicable and beneficial only for some of the variations and situations in the game of blackjack. The advantages of this idea varies with the type and kind of game that you play, so you should know the advantage that you get out of this concept.